Jean L. Eaton, BAdmin (Healthcare), CHIM, CC

Jean L. Eaton, BAdmin (Healthcare), CHIM, CC

Your Practical Privacy Coach and Your Practice Management Mentor with Information Managers Ltd.


When we know better, we can do better…

Every healthcare practice has a pink elephant. It’s that problem in your practice management that just never quite gets fixed. You’ve created work-arounds or promise that you will get to it—someday.

At Information Managers Ltd, Jean helps you to deal with the elephant in the room.

I know what it is like to work in a busy family medical walk-in practice.

My career started as a receptionist and transcriptionist in a busy family medical walk-in practice before I moved into health records and health information management and hospital administration. As a Certified Health Information Professional, I was the Director of Health Records in hospitals across Canada and a team lead in EMR implementation projects, trained privacy field officers, supported Primary Care Networks, and developed policies, procedures, and privacy impact assessments for health profession associations.

Now, I specialize my consulting practice to independent healthcare practices who want to start, grow, or fix their practice administration so that healthcare providers can focus on providing quality healthcare services.

I am constructively obsessive about privacy, confidentiality, and security of personal information, particularly in primary health care settings. And I think that you should be, too!

The Practice Management Nuggets Podcast helps you to implement with confidence practical, pro-active privacy in your healthcare practice.