FAQ: When Physicians are Snooping in Patient Records | Episode #069

Snooping is a privacy breach!

When an authorized person accesses patient records for an unauthorized purpose, this is often considered snooping.

If you work in healthcare, it is your job to manage each privacy breach with confidence, compassion, and transparency to the individuals affected by a privacy breach.

In this podcast episode, Jean L. Eaton answers frequently asked questions (FAQ) about custodians looking up their family members on Alberta Netcare Portal.

Learn NOW how to respond a #PrivacyBreach – Don’t get caught scrambling when a privacy breach happens.

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Show Notes

Recorded Oct 16, 2018

00:19  Custodian Snooping

02:37  Don’t Forget to Train About Appropriate Access

03:21  Just Because They Say They Know Isn’t Enough For the Business of a Clinic

04:32  Discipline and Notification

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