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Are you a healthcare provider who needs to hire information technology or business support services – but don’t know what questions to ask?

Are you a vendor who works with healthcare or dental practices and need to better understand your responsibilities to keep your clients regulations compliant and your business disaster-free?

In this podcast episode, Jean Eaton speaks with Donna Grindle  who  shares her observations on the HIPAA violations trends from the United States so that healthcare providers and vendors in Canada can prevent similar experiences.

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Meet Donna Grindle

Donna Grindle – Founder & CEO Kardon in Georgia, US – Kardon is a HIPAA focused business

Donna brings over 30 years experience in healthcare IT which is the solid foundation of Kardon’s HIPAA privacy and security consulting. Donna stays busy with speaking engagements, the weekly Help Me With HIPAA podcast, and managing a business with a growing client list. Donna’s sense of humor and southern charm spills out into everything she does.

You can find Donna on social media, too! Kardon

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Show Notes

Recorded: January 17, 2020
(you can fast forward to your favourite section)

01:04  Help Me With HIPAA Fan Club

It’s not about compliance. It’s about patient care.

03:04  Introduction Donna Grindle

09:00  More Similar Than Different US / Canada

09:33  US / Canada Terminology

18:00  What If There Isn’t A BAA / IMA?

19:00  Tips: Healthcare Provider Selecting A Vendor

26:00  Tips: Vendor Selecting A Healthcare Client

32:00  Liability – What Is It?

34:33  Time Frame To Report And Notify

36:38  Reportable Breach / Security Incident

39:37  Incident Response Plans

40:22  Cyber Security Insurance

42:15  Is Hacking An Act Of War?

44:15  How Big  Is Your BAA / IMA?

45:35  Key Points In Your BAA / Information Manager Agreement

48:59  THE HIPAA Boot Camp!

2020 Spring Dates: March 23, 24, 25

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