Understanding Mandatory Privacy Breach Notification – Data Privacy Day | Episode #073

Healthcare providers, owners, and privacy officers hear about big privacy breaches on the news and they hope it won’t happen to them. It keeps them up at night…because they know that properly preventing or managing a privacy breach is critical to the continued success of their business!

Now, in Alberta, we need to ensure that we are prepared for the new mandatory privacy breach reporting that took effect on August 31, 2018.

In this podcast episode, Jean Eaton will share with you

  • What is a privacy breach
  • Why a privacy breach is a significant problem
  • Lessons learned in the first 4 months of mandatory notification
  • 5 categories of notification triggers
  • Offence and penalty provisions of the HIA

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Show Notes

Recorded Monday, January 28, 2019

00:30  Is this a privacy breach?

02:30  Introduce Jean Eaton

04:57  Privacy Rights

06:22  What is a Privacy Breach?

07:12  Personal Information

08:24  Why is a Privacy Breach Significant?

10:29  Why Mandatory Notification?

11:46  Risk of Harm

13:02  Errors Happen

13:38  Biggest Mistake

13:53  First 4 Months of Mandatory Privacy Breach Notification

15:44  Categories of Breaches

17:22  Types of Privacy Breaches

21:02  5 Mandatory Notification Categories Triggers

21:42  1. Has Been Accessed or Disclosed

22:56  2. Has Been Mis-used or Will be Mis-used

23:57  3. Identity Theft or Fraud

24:39  4. Embarrassment, Physical, Mental, or Financial Harm

24:59  5. Adversely Affect Health Services

26:08  Other Triggers

27:00  Record Each Privacy Breach

27:59  Who Must You Notify?

28:38  Penalties

32:15  Second Biggest Mistake

32:25  Privacy Breach Management Program

33:31  E-book Understanding Privacy Breach Notification


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