Searchie magnifying

Did you hear something on today’s podcast that you would like to go back and listen to again?

Or, maybe you heard something on one of our previous podcasts that you want to listen to again, but you can’t remember which one and you would like to find it quickly and easily.

Well, that’s easy to do now!

If you heard something on this podcast that you want to re-visit, enter the key word in the magic box below.

You will automatically be brought to the podcast at the exact spot where we talked about it. Then, click on the > arrow at the right of the search bar to play the podcast clip.

Go ahead! Give it a try!

Searchie will work on all new podcasts. I’ll be uploading the archives soon!

This video key-word search tool uses the new Searchie app.

If you would like to know more about this, click here 

(Yup! this is my affiliate link. I use Searchie and want to recommend it to you. If you create content in videos or podcasts that you share with your audience, clients, or students, you need to check this out!)