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Is Remote Working A Good Choice For Your Healthcare Practice?

In our healthcare practices, we have policies and procedures to identify the reasonable safeguards we need take to protect personal and health information entrusted to us.

But when employees complete their roles off-site, due to personal circumstances or to ensure business continuity in unusual situations, we need to take action to ensure reasonable safeguards are in place to protect the privacy, confidentiality, and security of personal health information.

Remote Work May Be Available to Employees Working from home is at the sole discretion of the custodian and owner of the clinic. Examples when this may be applicable include:

  • Business continuity – due to technical, physical, or other unusual circumstances.
  • Work levelling – volumes of work are distributed to another location usually for a short duration.
  • Illness / personal circumstances – where an employee is unable to report to work at the clinic but can continue to complete their roles off-site.

Some administrative tasks in a healthcare office—for example, incoming phone calls, appointment booking, appointment reminders, billing, and/or transcription—could be done from a home office environment. Sometimes even follow-up and consultations from the healthcare provider can be done remotely, too.

The healthcare provider or custodian is ultimately responsible to ensure the secure collection, use, and disclosure of health information.

Is Remote Working Good For Your Business?

As the custodian, you must decide if remote working is a good option for your business. When you decide that this is a viable option for your business, you then need to

  • Determine if remote working is appropriate for your employees.
  • Identify what clinic / business resources need to be provided to the employee remote worker.
  • What reasonable safeguards need to be implemented to protect the privacy, confidentiality, and security of personal (health) information.

In this podcast episode, Jean Eaton shares how to prepare a risk assessment that you can use as part of your PIA submission for Remote Working and Virtual Health.

Podcast Sponsor – Remote Worker Privacy and Security Checklist

When you understand how to prepare your healthcare practice for remote working, you will

• Determine if remote working is appropriate for your employees

• Identify the resources you need to provide to your employees

• Set up safeguards to keep personal information private, secure, and confidential

Show Notes

Recorded March 24, 2020
You can advance the audio to these time markers:

01:05 Introduction Jean L. Eaton

01:37 Remote Working Virtual Health Risk Analysis

See Module 3 for complete Risk Analysis training and templates

04:57 Risk Mitigation Policy sample (see Module 3)

07:24 Role of the Privacy Officer

12:41 Privacy and Security Risks

14:45 See the Remote Worker Privacy and Security Checklist

15:38 Checklist Risk Description Matrix

16:25 Risk Levels – Low, Mod, High

17:25 Risk Matrix

18:24 Demo – Creating Your Risk Matrix

18:36 Scenario

30:04 PIA Requirements During Pandemic

37:20 Searchie

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