Remote Working Privacy Breach Pain Prevention | Episode #089


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Have some of your employees been working remotely during COVID-19?

If schools re-open with children attending alternate days, will your employees continue to work from homes on alternate days?

Do the social distancing guidelines for re-opening suddenly limit the number of employees who can work out of your current space?

Or, are you considering changing your business structure to include remote working as your new business model?

On today’s podcast, Jean L. Eaton will discuss privacy breach risks when remote working – and how you can prevent them!


Video Table of Contents

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01:17  Introduction Jean Eaton

02:10  Remote Working Privacy Breach Pain Prevention

05:07  Common Risks

05:47  Clear Instructions

07:38  Privacy and Security Awareness

09:50  Technology

12:20  Access Control

13:53  Spot and Stop a Privacy Breach

14:56  Remote Working and Virtual Care Policies, Procedures, PIA Templates


The COVID-19 pandemic impacts each of us.

When we work together, we will get through these unprecedented changes to our lives and our practices.

Use these policy and procedure and  PIA templates to help you provide virtual care while remote working and maintain reasonable safeguards to protect the privacy and security of personal health information.




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