Privacy Awareness Quiz #PrivacyMatters | Episode #076

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Privacy Awareness Week (PAW), an initiative of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities forum (APPA), is held every year to promote awareness of privacy issues and the importance of protecting personal information.

This year, Privacy Awareness Week is celebrated May 6-10, 2019.

Protect Your Organization and Your Patients

Equip your staff with the information they need to confidently and correctly handle personal health information.

Healthcare businesses need privacy awareness training to support key policies, procedures and risk management programs need a privacy awareness training program.

Patients trust their healthcare providers with their sensitive, personal, and financial information.

If patients don’t feel that the healthcare provider will keep their information confidential and secure, patients may choose not to share their information which may impact their healthcare and treatment.

When we are privacy aware, we can better respond to patients’ questions and build their trust in the quality of services that we provide.

In this podcast episode, Jean L. Eaton challenges you to take the Privacy Awareness Quiz. See if you are up-to-date with common scenarios in healthcare!

Privacy Awareness Quiz #PrivacyMatters
Download the Privacy Awareness Quiz!

Show Notes

Recorded June 2018

You can advance the audio to these time markers:

00:40  Introduction

01:52  Say No to Snooping

Privacy Awareness Training Quiz

04:00  Question 1 Soccer Mom

04:52  Answer 1 Soccer Mom

05:28  Question 2 Celebrity Visit

05:57  Answer 2 Celebrity Visit

07:00  Question 3 Training Examples

07:35  Answer 3 Training Examples

08:25  Question 4 Patient Access to Their Own Information

09:15  Answer 4 Patient Access to Their Own Information

11:25  Question 5 Chart Notes Print-out

12:05  Answer Chart Notes Print-out

13:35  Bonus tips

14:05  Privacy Awareness In Healthcare: Essentials Use the coupon code: Privacy15

14:33  Download the free Privacy Awareness Quiz

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