Have you ever hired someone and then within a few days realized that this isn’t the right fit?

Would you like to avoid common hiring mistakes?

Would you like some tips on how to improve your hiring process?

Hiring the right person for the job is one of the biggest tasks for a manager. It takes time and preparation to conduct effective interviews. Invest the time now to develop the key interview questions.

Interview Right to Hire Right with Nelson Scott

Today we’re going to talk with Nelson Scott, who is an expert in hiring employees and a coach for managers who need to better be prepared to manage employees.

Nelson Scott provides interview tips that you can use to gather high-quality information on which to base your hiring decisions using Behaviour Description Interviewing (BDI).

Welcome to Practice Management Nuggets podcast with practical practice management and privacy compliance tips to help you start, grow, and improve your healthcare practice in Canada. If you are a clinic manager, team lead, healthcare provider or practice owner, these practical tips will save you time and money. My name is Jean L. Eaton, your Practice Management Mentor, and your Practical Privacy Coach with Information Managers.

I help you manage the pink elephant in the room.

Meet Nelson Scott

Nelson is an expert in hiring employees and a coach for managers who need to better be prepared to manage employees.

Nelson Scott has trained thousands of managers and supervisors from a variety of public, private and not-for-profit sector organizations on how to use interviews to gather high-quality information on which to base their hiring decisions. He also works with clients to develop interview questions, to prepare them to conduct interviews, and to manage the selection process on their behalf.

Nelson Scott has conducted thousands of interviews and been involved in hiring hundreds from frontline staff to CEOs. And along the way, he had made more hiring mistakes that he cares to admit. For more than two decades he had focused his writing and speaking about how to hire, engage and retain the right people. He is the author of three books, including a soon-to-be-published book on staff recognition.

Would you Like More Interview and Staff Recognition Tips from Nelson?

Check out Nelson’s Briefly Noted Newsletter Here: GREAT Staff Recognition – SEA Consulting

Show Notes

00:00  Welcome

Jean L. Eaton

01:00   Nelson Scott, GREATStaffRecognition.com

04:42  Nelson Scott’s #1 Tip to Hire Employees

05:49  Who do you want to clone?

10:55  Why should we spend time preparing for interviews?

Better questions will give you better answers and better hiring decisions.

12:11  How should we prepare for an interview?

14:11  Behaviour Descriptive Interview (BDI) approach

15:20  Sample interview question regarding managing complaints from patients.

Is your interview question tweetable?

18:04  Rank the candidate’s response to the question

19:00  Follow-up questions to help the applicant expand on their response

25:40  Sample interview question – describe a time when you, the instructions you received from your supervisor were confusing

27:20  How do you explain the BDI approach to candidates?

30:22  Don’t waste reference checks!

34:44  Contact Nelson Scott GREATStaffRecognition.com. Subscribe to Nelson’s newsletter for more interviewing and staff retention tips.

See the 9 Steps to Hire (and Keep!) Employees in Your Healthcare Practice.

9 Steps to Hire (and Keep) Employees in Your Healthcare Practice Templates

Employees are central to your healthcare practice

Hiring the right employee will make your healthcare practice:

  • Productive and provide good services to your patients and clients
  • Positive place to work and to receive care
  • Promote your business

A good hiring plan will help you:

  • Recruit, interview and hire with confidence
  • Develop great first impressions to attract the ideal candidate to your practice
  • Keep employees engaged
  • Improve patient satisfaction


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