Pandemic Incident Response Review | Episode #088

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Each healthcare practice has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is certainly a disruption to our business continuity and a risk to privacy and security of patient, employee, and business information.

Each custodian and healthcare provider must maintain a written record of safeguards that have been implemented during the pandemic, ensure that these are communicated to their affiliates, and monitor to ensure they are followed.

What can we learn about the pandemic incident response so far?

As we prepare to re-open our practices, what can we anticipate?

If we experience a second wave and have to lock down again, are you prepared?

In this podcast, Jean L. Eaton shares a strategy to help you with your pandemic incident response review so that you can respond to a similar incident with confidence.

Video Table of Contents

You can advance the video to the time entries. Recorded May 12, 2020

01:34  Introduction Jean Eaton

04:26  Step 4 Prevent the Breach From Happening Again

05:00  Incident Response Team – to assist you with your incident review

06:23  Decision Making / Communication

With the benefit of hindsight, what would you have done differently?

What did you record at that time?

Update and include those lists into your current procedures for your disaster plan

Is it clear in your organization who would make decisions about the open / closure of your practice.


What worked?

What didn’t work so well?

What emails / communication did you send? Now, grab a copy of what was sent in the early days of your response, and see how you might improve the communication. Keep the improved communication plan and sample messages as part of your procedure ‘Play Book’ that you can use again when you have a similar incident.

12:00 Business Continuity / Disaster Plan

12:55 Computer Networking / Remote Access

Also see  the Practice Management Success Tip Remote Worker Privacy and Security Checklist.

14:52  Also see the Practice Management Success Tip Employee Privacy and Security Checklist

15:51  Audit of access from remote working during the pandemic

Also see the Practice Management Success Tip: Improve Privacy and Security in Your Healthcare Practice; Privacy and Security Monthly Audit Template

18:47  Re-open With Confidence

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19:42  Discussion

20:46  Searchie

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