October is Cyber Security Awareness Month!| Episode #080


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1/3 of all  healthcare employees who should receive cyber security training, don’t get cyber security training.

This shocking statistic is from the recent report from Kaspersky, Cyber Pulse: The State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare – Part Two

I believe that we can do better!

Today, I want to share with you some easy, no-cost resources that you can use right away to start or add to your cyber security awareness training in your healthcare practice. There is no software to buy, and if you have email, you can do this today.

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month!

A great no-cost opportunity to provide cyber security awareness training to your team!

Whether you’re at work, at home, or on the go, threats to cyber security and sensitive data can follow you. Our uber-connected world makes it more important than ever to know the threats and their potential consequences.

Information Managers Ltd has been a Cyber Security Champion for many years – and now you can, too!

NCSAM was launched by the National Cyber Security Alliance & the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in October 2004. This US organization sponsors a multi-media resource campaign each October.

You can become a Champion, too – and get direct access to all the resources.

  • Demonstrate to team the importance of cyber security at work.
  • Share with your patients – by posters in your practice, blog posts, or your email newsletters – and demonstrate that your practice is cyber aware and you want to share tips with them.
  • If you have team members who work remotely, work from home, use their own mobile devices, or use the internet to connect with apps and resources – give them additional skills to do their work as safely as possible.
  • Help your team members better manage their own personal information in their personal lives – good habits that will help them at work, too!

Become a Champion here


Or, follow Information Managers blog posts, social media, and resources that you can download and use right away!

Start Your Cyber Security Awareness Training!


Throughout the month of October, Information Managers is providing to you Cyber Security Awareness tips by email.

Follow the link to receive an email every few days throughout October with a short training tip to be more Cyber Security Aware.

Emails will have additional resources that you can download.

You can forward the email to easily share with your team.

Or, they can sign up to the campaign, too, and then they will receive emails directly to their in-box.

Click Here to sign-up for Cyber Security Awareness Tips today!



Show Notes

Recorded October 1, 2019

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00:42  Introduction

02:20  Cyber Security Awareness Month

06:59  Key Messages

10:18  Engage Your Community

11:25  Raise Awareness

11:53  Become a Cyber Security Champion


12:00  Cyber Security Awareness Training by Email