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Employee Management

Have you ever had an employee who has made a mistake and now you’re scrambling about what to do next?

Your business needs a set of reasonable rules and guidelines for employees to follow. This helps to create a safe and respectful workplace and protect the privacy rights of your patients and employees.

Your healthcare practice should have a written policy and procedure to guide you in your response to a privacy and security incident.

Sometimes, our employees have been directly involved in the incident. For example:

  • Petty theft (personal gain)
  • Snooping in patient or employee records (disregarding policies)
  • Faxing a report to the wrong recipient (carelessness)
  • Using patient or employee information to cause harm (malice)

When employees and healthcare providers fail to meet our expectations sanctions or discipline may be appropriate.

In this episode #105 of the Practice Management Nuggets Podcast, guest human resources expert Stacey Messner, Leader in HR gives practical advice to clinic managers and privacy officers to navigate difficult conversations after an employee makes a mistake, addressing employee performance improvement and workplace restoration practices.

Meet Stacey Messner

Practice Management Nuggets Podcast

Stacey Messner, Leader in HR, has been providing human resource consultation on a contract basis to businesses in the North Peace Region of Alberta since 2016.

With over 20 years of experience working in all disciplines of HR in many industries including not for profit, Stacey prides herself in providing HR services and support to leaders in workplaces who are responsible for their HR programs.

The services Stacey offers are HR advisory, training and development, workplace assessment, conflict resolution, and special projects such as job description review, HR policy manual, performance review, recruitment, and orientation programs. Stacey was born and raised in the Saskatchewan prairies and married into a Peace Country family where she lives with her husband and kids.

She is an active member in her community, loves raising a family in a rural setting, and enjoys the activities and beauty of the region.

Stacey Messner Gift Managing Employees

Are you prepared to have difficult conversations with your employees?

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Show Notes

00:00   Welcome

01:00   Introduction Stacey Messner, Leader In HR

05:29   Stacey Messner’s #1 Tip for Healthcare Providers and Clinic Managers about managing human resources.

06:37   Scenario: Privacy incident in Ontario using workplace restoration

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC), PHIPA Decision 163. 20221-10-19.

10:09   Workplace restoration is about trust

14:39   Scenario: Looking at patient records

17:36   HR Checklist

19:16   What happened from their perspective? Being a better listener

26:37   Other scenarios

33:29   Consequences – Practice Management Success Tips

34:21   Get Stacey Messner Listen Differently Tip Sheet at

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