Improved Communication, Improved Business | Episode #081


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Would you like to increase your dental practice revenue immediately?

Maybe you have a need to maximize efficiencies and create your dream team.

Dr. Angela Mulrooney believes that when you focus on communication with your customers and create consistency in your practice, you will increase your revenue and reduce your working hours.

Angela Mulrooney is the Business Doctor, and today she is my guest expert.

Meet Dr. Angela Mulrooney

Angela Mulrooney is published author, a retired dentist, and a dental practice coach who resides in Calgary.

Angela Mulrooney discussed how communication with patients and your team and a marketing strategy can improve your business.

If you would like to transform your dental practice and maximize the potential within the practice so that you can focus on spending more time with patients, giving them the best care that you possibly can while trying to level up everyone’s skills in the practice as well, be sure to tune in to my interview with Dr. Angela Mulrooney, Improved Communication, Improved Business Episode | #081

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Show Notes

Recorded August 2019.

You can advance the audio to these time markers:

00:12   Introduction Dr. Angela Mulrooney

04:40   The Passion Pursuit – How Your Passion Will Make You Prosperous

06:39  What does a dental practice coach do?

Production coaching

Communicate effectively with the patient

08:50  Marketing coaching

11:00  Practice efficiencies – is it required by law, does it add to production and/or does it advance the practice?

14:20 Who is the ideal practice provider who will most benefit from a dental practice coach?

Someone who is ready to level-up.

14:26  Are you ready to level up? What kind of outcomes could you expect?

Communication improvements may generate $250,000 improvement in production.

18:07  Communication between front line staff and patients

19:29  Marketing in a dental practice – what is a good mix between traditional and social media?

21:57  On-line reviews

Content support, social media support, social media trends

26:46 What are the common motivators for a dental practitioner to reach out to a dental practice coach?

27:40  Book a 1 hour Strategy Call With Angela

28:27  Upcoming Marketing Book Credible Influencer Marketing for Professionals


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