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How Virtual Medical Office Administration Services Can Help Your Healthcare Practice | Episode #106

Have you ever said, If only

  • our referral backlog was caught up,
  • our incoming faxes were sorted,
  • our billing team was more confident
  • someone could help with the incoming phone calls during our busiest hours or lunch hour

then you want to listen to our episode today how Virtual Medical Office Assistants can help your healthcare practice.

In this Episode #106 of the Practice Management Nuggets Podcast, guest human resources expert Kyle Sherritt, VP Sherritt Services shows us how a virtual medical office administration service can improve the bottom line of your healthcare practice and improve the patient experience.

Meet Kyle Sherritt

Kyle Sherritt Virtual Medical Office Administration

Kyle Sherritt is the VP Sherritt Services Inc. and is also the Sales Director. Kyle has contributed to the business development of Sherritt Services since 2009.

Kyle Sherrit Tip virtual medical office administration Is Virtual MOA or Virtual Reception Service for you?

Click HERE to book a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with Sherritt Services!

Show Notes

00:00   Welcome

02:33   Introduction Kyle Sherritt, VP Sherritt Services.

Your appointment scheduler, the key to financial success

Identifying when is the right time to outsource transcription services

04:19   Kyle Sherritt’s #1 Tip for Healthcare Providers and Clinic Managers about managing human resources.

08:00   Courage to make changes from traditional office administration

11:12   Starting your practice? Staff shortages, mentor your on-site team members

14:00   Virtual Medical Office Assistant services will do what your staff don’t want to do. Sample tasks

15:33   Virtual Reception Services when the phone won’t stop ringing. As-needed when you need it.

16:00   On-line Billing Course to understand the Schedule of Medical Benefits (SOMB)

19:40   On-boarding the Sherritt Services virtual support team

22:10   Change management in a virtual world

23:42   Privacy impact assessment privacy, safety, security ready

25:00  Contact Kyle Sherritt

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