How to Plan a PIA | Episode #063

A Privacy Impact Assessment is Easy – When You Start With a Good Plan!

Do you need a PIA? or a PIA amendment?

If you are a healthcare provider or clinic manager and are not sure if you need a Privacy Impact Assessment . . . then this 30 minute webinar / podcast is for you!

If you are a custodian–including physicians, optometrists, dentists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, podiatrists, and more!–as defined by Alberta’s Health Information Act, then you probably need a PIA.

Jean L. Eaton, Your Practical Privacy Coach, will explain

  • what a PIA is,
  • why you need it, and
  • how to start planning to prepare a PIA.

A PIA is an important tool that you can use to help you with that project management. It will help you anticipate risks to the project before it starts and avoid serious problems, wasted time and money.

The PIA process requires you to have written policies and procedures so that you can implement the project effectively and train your staff consistently.

Sometimes, after you have completed a foundational PIA for your practice, you want to add a new tool, move or add a new clinic location, or change the way that you collect, use, or disclose health information.  This may trigger a PIA amendment where you can build onto your original PIA submission.

Sometimes a PIA is a requirement of legislation. But it is always a best practice whenever you implement a project that includes personal health information.

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Show Notes

Recorded July 5 2018

You can advance the audio to these time markers:

04:52  Elephant in the Room

Some people think that a PIA is a big scary elephant in the room. I’d like to show you that a PIA is not scary and, in fact, is a practical tool for your business.

03:49  Assess Your Project

04:24  Purpose of a PIA

04:58  PIA Process

13:42  Don’t Be Shocked!

17:00  Carrot or Stick Approach

26:07  5 Step Plan to PIA

30:22  When Do You Need a PIA?

31:40  Questions

34:00  Strategies to Complete Your PIA

34L30  DFY – Done For You

Hire a consultant. A consultant may be internal to your organization or external. If you are a part of a large organization or association, you may have a dedicated Privacy Officer or Project Manager who will work with you and your business unit to develop the PIA.

Or you may hire a consultant from an external business with experience in your industry and is knowledgeable about the regulatory requirements in your jurisdiction.

34:56  DIY Options – On-Line course

Protect Your Practice, Your Assets, and Your Patients with Privacy Impact Assessments – A complete step by step course with on-line coaching from me. 

The DIY approach will take more of your time, and less money, to complete your PIA.

If you ae the type of person that likes policies, procedures and details about legislation this is a good option for you.

36:17  DWY – Done With You Hybrid

The hybrid approach includes you doing the majority of the information gathering and creating or reviewing your existing policies and procedures for your project.

You also work with an experienced consultant (internal or external) to help you put the pieces of the PIA together and prepare the PIA submission, and to work with you to develop the implementation plan.

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