How To Make LinkedIn Work For You! | Episode #092


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Are you a clinic manager or healthcare provider who wants to build your network and re-fresh your professional connections so that you are better prepared for your next career move or, maybe, start or build your own business?

You have heard that LinkedIn is THE place to grow your career and your professional presence

But you are wondering what the correct etiquette is, and the best practices for your LI profile?

Knowing the essentials to using LinkedIn will make a big difference in improving your visibility and credibility – both crucial to building your authority and influence.

If you are serious about having a solid, fully optimized LinkedIn profile, then stay tuned!

Janice Porter will help you develop and use LinkedIn as a primary tool for bringing in new business.

Janice Porter, LinkedIn Networking Expert is my guest on this episode of Practice Management Nuggets For Your Healthcare Practice!

Janice knows the essentials to using LinkedIn that will make a big difference in improving your visibility and credibility – both crucial to prepare for your next job or move your healthcare practice towards profitability.

Meet Janice Porter

Janice Porter is known as a master communicator, and her passion is specializing in working and teaching professionals online and offline networking and marketing strategies for attracting, developing, nurturing, and retaining relationships that enhance business growth and profitability.

Janice believes anyone in business or looking for a new position, needs to have a professional LinkedIn profile, and that LinkedIn is a powerful, under-utilized online platform for attracting new clients, new referral partners, or being found by recruiters.

Connecting like-minded people is one of her innate gifts, because she cares and deeply values each person in her network. It is with deep insight and a steadfast belief in relationship marketing that Janice makes the introductions, and only when she is knows it will be beneficial to both parties.

To find more from Janice, download 16 Steps To A Fully Optimized LinkedIn Profile.

Show Notes

Publish Aug 17, 2020

00:59  Introduction Jean L. Eaton

01:10  Welcome Janice Porter

08:40  Pink elephant

09:00  Janice Porter’s #1 Tip

11:00  Why Linked In

11:55  Step 1  Be Authentic

12:40  Step 2  Create An Optimized Headline

14:58  First Impression

16:50  Step 3  Be Visible

18:23  Step 4  Be Personal

20:46  Step 5  Make New Connections

23:27  Is It Worth It?

24:45  Summary 5 Tips

32:06  Janice’s Offer

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