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How To Build a Legal Foundation For Your Healthcare Practice

In the latest episode of Practice Management Nuggets Podcast, Corrinne Boudreau shares her expert tips on How To Build a Legal Foundation For Your Healthcare Practice.

  • Have you ever wanted to open your own healthcare practice, but you don’t have a business background?
  • Have you ever thought about calling a lawyer for business advice, but you were afraid that it would break the bank?
  • Have you ever heard about a healthcare practice having a business dispute, and you were worried that this might happen to you?

Then you need customizable templates to help you set up your business, operate your brick and mortar local business, or your online business.

Corrine Boudreau of Online Legal Essentials can help you!

Corinne has developed guided legal templates for Canadians doing business online. She has a knack for making things practical and easy to implement. Being a lawyer since 2002 has given her perspective and experience to boil things down to the essentials.

You know that I love templates – and tips, tools, and training to make it easy!

Corinne delivers this for you!

Corinne Boudreau will explain the essential business documents that you need to start a new healthcare practice – in words that we all can understand!

Meet Corinne Boudreau

Corinne Boudreau

Corinne is the daughter of a teacher and a lawyer – which probably explains a lot about her desire to share and explain the legal stuff.

After escaping many years of the big law firm life (aka the “soul-sucking situation”), Corinne started her entrepreneurial legal journey in 2012.

What started as a 40-hour in-person legal course developed for small business owners has now also turned into guided legal templates for Canadians doing business online.

Corinne has a knack for making things practical and easy to implement.  Being a lawyer since 2002 has given her perspective and experience to boil things down to the essentials.

Corinne is originally from Cape Breton Island and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her spouse, Martin, two teenagers Enya and Owen, and new rescue pup, Kiwi.

Corinne’s hobbies include playing guitar with her band “The Mother Pluckers” and playing hockey.

Corinne’s motto is “Work Hard. Have Fun. Give Back.”

Instagram: @lawyercorinne

Twitter: @lawyercorinne

Facebook: @onlinelegalessentials


Clubhouse: @lawyercorinne

LinkedIn: Corinne Boudreau

Corinne’s#1 Tip: Get it in writing!

My Takeaways

Corinne’s recommendations of the essential business documents for a new healthcare practice are based on relationships. All relationships are triggers for business documents to help improve communication and set expectations – get it in writing!

For example:

  • Patients / clients terms of service, payments,
  • Hiring documents, employees, contractors, associates or group practice; fee splitting,
  • Physical location lease agreements,
  • Cost sharing,
  • Privacy policies including website, content protection.

Also, whether you have a brick and mortar local business or an online business, make sure that you are projecting yourself as a trustworthy business owner with a professional presence on your website. This includes having a privacy policy, copyright notice, disclaimers, terms of use documents. Remember Corinne’s #1 tip – get it in writing!

Get started right away with the free Ultimate Checklist for Running a Business Online in Canada.

Show Notes

01:35  Introduction Corinne Boudreau, Online Legal Essentials

04:47  Corinne’s #1 Tip

06:18  What are the essential starting business documents for a new healthcare practice?

11:18  Website policies and practices

16:17  Corporate structure options for healthcare practices

19:40  Types of Insurance that a business should consider including cybersecurity insurance

23:55  Contracts – fee-splitting, associates, hiring contracts

29:39  When Your Healthcare Practice Develops Online Services – understand the basics of copyright law and terms of service

32:48  Ultimate Checklist For Running A Business Online In Canada

34:45  Follow Corinne

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