How Improved Patient Satisfaction Saves You Time And Money | Episode #074

One of the most difficult questions that clinic managers ask me is if I have any tips to help them work with members of their team who know their job – but aren’t as friendly, or empathetic or engaging with their patients as they would like.

Teaching someone how to build a courteous and respectful relationship with your patients is kind of awkward, isn’t it?

But, it is so vitally important that patients feel valued, respected, and safe when they come to their healthcare practice. And it is just as important to healthcare business that we provide courteous service, clear communication and safe practices in an efficient and effective manner.

Patient engagement and patient satisfaction is a key criteria to good health outcomes and a healthy business model.

But, how do you get started to implement a patient satisfaction program? How can you teach your employees to demonstrate respect and open communication with patients and their families?

Patient Centered Clinics from Everyone’s a Caregiver

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Patient Centered Clinic

In This Episode

In this 30 minute webinar, Brian Lee, CEO of Everyone’s a Caregiver Learning Systems, will discuss options for the healthcare provider and business owner to easily deliver training to your healthcare team so that you can improve patient satisfaction and patient care in your healthcare practice.

  • What is the Patient Centered Clinic?
  • What is the Return on Investment (ROI) when you provide your providers and support team with education in patient engagement?
  • Opportunities of digital learning systems
  • How can healthcare clinics provide consistent, meaningful education to their teams and still get their day-to-day tasks done?

Join me for the interview with Brian Lee, How Improved Patient Satisfaction Saves You Time And Money!

Meet Brian Lee, CEO, Everyone’s a Caregiver Learning Systems

Brian Lee
Brian Lee, CSP

Brian Lee, CSP, is one of North America’s leading experts in the field of World-Class patient experience, staff engagement and culture change. He is recognized author on HCAHPS improvement and Value-Based Purchasing.

Brian has been a passionate lifelong student of customer service and its effect on both organizational effectiveness and staff retention. He educates his audiences about the “how-to’s” of developing patient, staff, and physician loyalty. He models how to inspire hope and commitment and to bring a renewed passion for care-giving. For two consecutive years Brian has been evaluated by the International Customer Service Association Conference as the number-one-rated Customer Service Expert Speaker in the World.

Brian Lee is the Chief Executive Officer of  Everyone’s a Caregiver Learning Systems, a leading provider of culture-change and training solutions to healthcare organizations across North America. He is also the founder of the Healthcare Service Excellence conference. In the past 30 years in business, Brian and his team have worked closely with healthcare organizations on several continents to achieve breakthrough results in improving the Patient Experience and Staff Engagement.

In the fall of 2018, Brian Lee and Bruce Lee invited Jean L. Eaton to become a faculty member of Custom Learning Solutions and their new initiative to assist community clinics to empower community clinics to deliver a 5 star patient experience. Their new on-line program, Patient Centered Clinic, launches in February 2019.

Find out more about Brian Lee:

Twitter: @every1care

LinkedIn: Brian Lee CSP

Show Notes

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01:35  Meet Brian Lee, CSP, CEO Everyone’s A Caregiver

06:56  Pink Elephant in the Room

07:21  Brian Lee’s #1 Tip

09:35  What is the Patient Centered Clinic?

11:30  What Does It Look Like to the Patient?

13:05  What Does It Look Like to Staff?

14:19  Educate Employees

15:29  What is Education?

16:30  Why is This a Critical Topic for Healthcare Practitioners?

19:19  What Are the Options to Improve Patient Satisfaction?

20:39  Return on Investment

24:16  Introducing Everyone’s A Caregiver App

24:45  Patient Centered Clinic

26:32  DO IT Recommendations

30:00  Who is the Patient Centered Clinic For?

30:28  Patient Centered Clinic Modules

35:28  Get Started With Patient Centered Clinic!


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