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Healthcare providers and clinic managers have three common myths about EMR user monitoring auditing.

Myth #1 – The electronic medical record EMR automatically does all the auditing – I don’t have to do anything

Myth #2 – I don’t have to audit my users – I know them

Myth #3 – I won’t have to worry about this until I have a breach

Rob Pruter, the User Monitoring Expert at SPHER is my guest on this episode of Practice Management Nuggets For Your Healthcare Practice!

He’s going to share with us how to protect your practice and your patients when you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that can recognize unusual activities and generate a warning message.

Finally, an easy way to perform user monitoring and quickly recognize risks from external bad actors and employee snooping incidents!

Meet Rob Pruter

Rob is the Chief Revenue Officer at SPHER, Inc.

He is responsible for all global sales, marketing, and partner revenue at SPHER, Inc.

For the past 20 years, he has successfully built marketing programs and partner alliances in the healthcare IT space with larger companies and innovative start-ups.

He has a passion for protecting patient privacy and cybersecurity for the healthcare industry.

And he is my new best friend with a passion to improve audit log monitoring!

To find more from Rob, download the brochure from SPHER!

Show Notes

Publish September 7, 2020

00:59  Introduction Jean L. Eaton

01:45  Welcome Rob Pruter

02:40  Pink Elephant in the room

What do clinic managers and health care providers need to know about monitoring audit logs?

02:57 Rob Pruter’s #1 Tip

Nobody goes to the doctor to get their identity stolen.

05:16  What is an audit log?

06:37  Everyone needs a unique user ID

08:48  Myth #1 – The electronic medical record EMR automatically does all the auditing – I don’t have to do anything

11:53  Myth #2 – – I don’t have to audit my users – I know them

15:05  Myth #3 – I won’t have to worry about this until I have a breach

19:45  How To Use AI Audit Log Reports

21:00  Identify security risks right away avoids remediation costs, time spent, and enforces a culture that snooping is not permitted.

23:44  Multiple locations and remote working often also means less supervision. AI auditing tools can help you be proactive.

25:46  Who is AI Audit Monitoring For?

27:14  When is a clinic ready to start AI Audit Monitoring?

28:10  Find Out More From SPHER

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