Discover How To Create Positive Workplace Mental Health | Episode #049

Are you doing everything you can to ensure a positive mental health environment for your staff?

Would you like to create an environment that promotes positive mental health and mental well-being in the workplace?

Did you know that mental health and safety in the workplace is just as important as physical health and safety in the workplace.

Are you familiar with “The National Standard For Psychological Health and Safety in The Workplace”?

Discover How To Create Positive Workplace Mental Health

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Are you feeling frustrated with the same problem over and over again in your clinic?

Or solving one problem just to find another problem popping up?

Don’t know where to go for help?

Many new and seasoned clinic managers find that they need help from time to time from other clinic managers who understand their problems.

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In this Practice Management Nugget Podcast for Your Healthcare Practice, Robert Manolson, Mental Health Champion and creator of Powerful Play Experiences will:

  • Discuss why workplace mental health is important

  • Introduce us to The National Standard For Psychological Health and Safety in The Workplace (Canadian Mental Health Commission )

  • Share his first-hand experiences from the Psychological Health and Safety Advisor Training program

Share totally amazing, free resources available to initiate a well thought out and organized plan to address mental health in your workplace.

Learn How To Initiate Positive Workplace Mental Health

Meet Robert Manolson  BA, CCDP

Robert Manolson, Creator & Facilitator of Powerful Play Experiences and Team Engagement Expert is the guy you call when you need a high energy, highly creative and wonderfully experienced Facilitator for your event. He very quickly turns a room of the most reserved wall flowers into an engaged and lively group. As Robert shares his energy and passion, he hopes to shatter people’s perceptions of what mental illness looks like while challenging the stigma that we attach to mental illness. He believes that it’s really all about engaging people in meaningful conversations about mental health both in work, and in life.

Find out more about Robert:




Twitter: @powerfulplay


Show Notes

Recorded January 11, 2018

You can advance the audio to these time markers:

4:00 Elephant in the room – What do I need to know about workplace mental health?

4:30 Robert’s #1 Tip

7:00 Workplace Mental Health

7:50 Stats

9:45 Adopting the Standard

11:30 Contact your local Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor

14:00 Health and Safety in the workplace

15:00 Attitude for change as part of your business advantage

16 :00 13 Factors that support psychological health and safety in the workplace

17:30 Bell Let’s Talk Jan 31

18 :00 Workplace Mental Health Leadership Framework

19:10 Powerful Play Experiences – Creating Engaged Teams

2010 Download your Team Engagement Assessment from Robert Manolson

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