I am constructively obsessive about privacy, confidentiality, and security of personal information, particularly in primary health care settings. And I think that you should be, too!

The Practice Management Nuggets Podcast shares guest expert interviews and training to help you to implement with confidence practical, pro-active privacy in your healthcare practice.

Listen to the podcast for 30-minute Privacy Education nuggets that are actually fun and . . . practical!

If you’d like to suggest a guest for the podcast or if you have questions, message me using one of the images below.

Jean is available for keynotes, workshops, presentations, and seminars both in person and online.

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PMN Podcast

Jean Eaton

Jean L. Eaton
Practical Privacy Coach
Practice Management Mentor
Podcast Host
Information Managers Ltd.

❈Practical Privacy Coach ❈ Practice Management Mentor ❈ Health Information Management Professional ❈ Speaker ❈ Podcaster ❈Privacy Officer

I know what it is like to work in a busy family medical walk-in practice.
My career started as a receptionist and transcriptionist in a busy family medical walk-in practice before I moved into health records and health information management and hospital administration. As a Certified Health Information Professional, I was the Director of Health Records in hospitals across Canada and a team lead in EMR implementation projects, trained privacy field officers, supported Primary Care Networks, and developed policies, procedures, and privacy impact assessments for health profession associations.

Now, I specialize my consulting practice to independent healthcare practices who want to start, grow, or improve their practice administration so that healthcare providers can focus on providing quality healthcare services.

I believe that people working in health care know that they want to provide good services and have a profitable business. They have a sense of what they need to do to get there – but sometimes need the confidence and the details and the resources to help them. I help you with templates, user guides, real-life examples, networking, practical resources and mentoring. I give you the confidence to take care of the elephant in the room.

When we know better, we can do better …

Every healthcare practice has a pink elephant. It’s that problem in your practice management that just never quite gets fixed. You’ve created work-arounds or promise that you will get to it—someday.

If you need help managing the elephant in your practice, check out these services
❖ Privacy Awareness Training
❖ Privacy Impact Assessment Consulting and Privacy Impact Assessment Training
❖ Privacy Breach Management and Privacy Breach Management Training

Privacy Impact Assessment / Privacy Impact Assessment Amendment – 3 options to help you!

DIY (Do It Yourself) Protect Your Practice, Your Patients, and Your Assets With A Privacy Impact Assessment. On-line training and coaching to help you get your Privacy Impact Assessment completed!

DFY (Done For You) I provide the complete Privacy Impact Assessment consulting solution – customized privacy and security policies and procedures, resources including forms for use in your office, and the Privacy Impact Assessment submission package.

DWY (Done With You) a hybrid solution, you register for the on-line course and do the information gathering and preparation. Then I will assist you to prepare the customized privacy and security policies and procedures, and resources.

Privacy Awareness Training

Healthcare providers must be able to demonstrate that their employees, vendors, and professional staff have reasonable safeguards to keep personal health information safe. Start with in-person customized training for new employees and experienced staff and healthcare providers.

On-Line Education – Privacy Awareness in Healthcare: Essentials

Protect your organization and your patients. Equip your staff with the information they need to confidently and correctly handle personal health information. Learn basic healthcare privacy principles and how to handle personal health information, use safeguards, and recognize and report a privacy breach.

Practice Management Success Membership

You know your practice better than anyone! This membership provides you with tips, tools, templates and training to help you start, grow, and improve your healthcare practice. Network with like-minded clinic managers, practice managers, and healthcare providers and owners will help you keep current with trends and solutions in your daily clinic management. Monthly Q&A with Jean gives you additional support to help you fast-track your efficient practice.

4 Step Response Plan – Prevent Privacy Breach Pain

You need a privacy breach management plan to prepare for the next privacy breach at your healthcare practice. Start now with this on-line training and coaching. You can return to this on-line course to assist you in responding to a privacy breach, too!

Privacy Breach Incident Coaching

When you have a privacy breach that could result in harm to an individual you must report the breach to Alberta’s OIPC, MOH, the patient, and (if the breach involves access to Alberta Netcare Portal), to Alberta’s Health Security Team. Contact Jean (using the form above) to help you with your internal privacy breach investigation and reporting and mandatory notifications.