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Closing or moving a healthcare provider practice takes co-ordination, patience, communication, and documentation.

Once you have made the big decision about closing, moving, or merging your practice and have a general idea about the next step for you, your practice, your employees, and your patient and business records you need to plan the continued administrative, technical, and physical safeguards of the patient health records.

Patients and clients have a unique trust with their healthcare provider. They trust that you will provide them continuing healthcare and continued access to their own health information that you have recorded. You are also expected to securely keep their personal health information and follow your professional college standards and health information privacy laws.

In this episode, I’m going to help you with

  • Provide clarity about records management in your group or shared practice.
  • Guide you to develop health records management plan when you close, move, or expand your chiropractic practice.
  • Contribute to the health information privacy compliance.

Show Notes

(Recorded July 28, 2020)

01:49  Introduction to Jean L. Eaton

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03:05  Close, Move, Merge Your Practice

04:32  Continuing Care and Treatment

05:44  Custodian Defined Under HIA

08:34  Patient Records

09:22  Steps When You Close Your Practice

10:05  Notice To Patients

Template Forms – see the Practice Management Success Tip!

Template Procedures –  see the Practice Management Success Tip!

12:16  Records Requests, Fee Schedule

14:49  Patient Access To Their Own Health Record

16:33  Moving vs Closing Timelines

18:37  Notify Others

19:19  How To Manage Conflicts

22:08  Information Management Agreement / Information Sharing Agreement

Download the Practice Management Success Tip –

Top 3 Agreements Your Healthcare Practice MUST Have (and Why).

22:45  Inventory Patient Records

25:14  Retention, Archive, Destruction

27:45  Electronic Transfer, Data Migration, Quality Assurance, Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

31:19  Practice Management Success Tip Download

32:39  Discussion

33:12  Searchie

33:38  Follow Me on Social Media

This Practice Management Success Tip will help you…

  • Provide clarity about records management in your group or shared practice
  • Guide you to develop health records management plans when you close, move, or expand your healthcare practice
  • Contribute to the health information privacy compliance

Download this free guide to prepare your healthcare practice. Includes

  • Key steps to help you prepare for transition
  • Template forms for patients’
    • Request copy of their own health record
    • Request transfer to another healthcare provider
    • Access their own information
  • Template procedures
    • Patient record inventory
    • Procedure Archive Destruction Log
    • Procedure Data Quality Assurance including the Data Migration and Functionality Testing, Data Migration Planning, and the Data Migration QA Worksheets.
    • Procedure Archive Destruction Log
Closing Or Moving Your Chiropractic Practice (Click the image)
Closing or Moving Your Healthcare Practice (Click the image)

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