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Become An Author

In this episode #104 of the Practice Management Nuggets Podcast, Linda Stirling will walk you through some of the essentials for creating a profitable book that represents you well.

  • Would you like to help family members of your patients to be better prepared to support your patient after treatments?
  • Would you like to coach your patients in between in-person visits?
  • Do you ever feel that you could help more people avoid / prevent illness if they just did this one thing that you specialize in?
  • Do you want your patients to be more compliant with the follow-up actions that help your patients recover faster?
  • Would you like more referrals from other providers to your practice?

You can accomplish these goals when you build your authority, appeal, and profits as an author.

When it comes to writing a book, people are usually in one camp or another. The first camp thinks it’s easy and the second camp thinks it’s too daunting to tackle.

The fact of the matter is that both groups need strategies and with these strategies they can be successful.

Breaking strategies down into manageable nuggets is where authors find success.

Before you even consider strategies, however, you need to think about your why. That’s where the power of success lies. Once you are clear about your why, that gives you the mental energy to complete your book.

Linda will walk you through some of the essentials for creating a profitable book that represents you well.

If you have thought about becoming an authorpreneur, self-publishing, or want to publish in a traditional format, Linda Stirling can help you with that!

My Takeaways

We are each looking for ways to give our clients more of us without giving more of our time. When you build your author platform, you can leverage your time to support your current clients and attract your ideal clients.

You have a big message to share. Your next step is to publish your message so that the people who need your expertise can easily find and be inspired by you.

There are many steps to publish and promote your book. I hear from many entrepreneurs who have published and even published their book – and haven’t made any sales. You need a mentor like Linda Stirling will help you navigate the tricky path to publish, promote, and profit from your book.

Meet Linda Stirling

Become an Author Linda Stirling

Linda Stirling has built her successful business by Guiding Writers to Prosperity and Visibility

Linda Stirling’s heart is in helping every writer she works with achieve his or her dreams, whether that’s through publishing their work through The Publishing Circle or teaching them to self-publish through The Publishing Authority.

Her coaching helped multi-award-winning author David Crow, author of the international bestseller The Pale-Faced Lie, reach sales of just under $30,000 per month with his book.

She helped author Lorena Angell take her series to an average of 60 sales per day from its previous 6 per day; sell her work in 47 countries, and rank alongside authors such as Stephen King, and George R.R. Martin of Game of Thrones success.

Stirling also got the series optioned for film and television.

Many of the authors she’s published have achieved international acclaim.

Show Notes

Introduction Jean L. Eaton

Practical Privacy Officer Strategies. See

Introduction Linda Stirling

Linda’s Story

Why might healthcare providers want to be an author?

Once you have in-depth publishing knowledge, you can create the kind of life-affecting income successful authors enjoy.

Just having a book isn’t enough. You have to have a book that sells.

Gift from Linda Stirling A Writers Strategy Guide: Your Guide to Breaking Free, Starting Right & Keeping On Track

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