Are You Prepared for Panel Management? | Episode #048

Do you have patients in your EMR that you never see?

Are your patients frustrated having to wait for annual physical exams?

Are your patients constantly calling at the last minute because they need a prescription renewal?

Would you like to have predictable billing cycles?

Are You Prepared for Panel Management?

The Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) is the vision for the future of primary health care in Alberta. To become medical homes, clinics must identify their physician panel.

With robust panel management, you can enjoy regularly scheduled patient visits,  regular monitored patients, better patient care, better patient outcomes with more predictable billing cycles.

With the help of my guest, Stephanie Clack, Program Specialist and an instructor in the Health Information Management program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), you will discover how panel management will impact your practice and the new technical skills for the clinic manager or health information management professional that you need to know.

In this Practice Management Nugget Webinar for Your Healthcare Practice, Stephanie Clack will:

  • update us on the changes in this primary health care strategy,
  • discuss career opportunities for HIM professionals, and
  • share strategies for primary care clinics to get the help that you need to implement physician panel management in your clinic.

Panel management in community clinics supports optimal patient care and efficient clinic patient flow. #HIMPanel CLICK TO TWEET

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Meet Featured Guest: Stephanie Clack

Stephanie ClackStephanie Clack is the Program Specialist and an instructor in the Health Information Management program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). Part of her mandate is to increase awareness of the emerging roles for HIM professionals through practicum placements and promoting the HIM professional skill set to industry.

As a graduate of the program, Stephanie has been involved in practicum as a student herself, as a preceptor in industry, and through coordinating placements for SAIT learners. Stephanie also volunteers with the Canadian Health Information Management Association as a member of the Council on Education and Professional Practice.

Discover How Panel Management Will Impact Your Practice!

Show Notes

Recorded December 7, 2017

You can advance the audio to these time markers:

01:30     Featured Guest Stephanie Clack, Instructor, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Health Information Management program

02:00     Using data to get better patient outcomes is a variation on health information management domains of practice.

02:30     Patient’s medical home with an assigned physician and health care providers is defined for both the provider and the patient.

03:30     Patient roster

04:10     Panel management is one of the components of Alberta’s Primary Health Care Strategy. Providing proactive.

05:17     Panel identification to determine active patients and ensure that the patient is attached to a provider.

06:40     Proactive contact with the patient.

08:09     Plan screening measures. Review data and pre-book appointments with patients for screening maneuvers

09:00     Panel manager role includes managing the patient roster and work in the EMR to maximize scheduling reminders and screening measures and data analysis.

10:20   Fill your appointment scheduler for more reliable and predictable billing cycles.

12:00   Use the ASaP screening guidelines to determine which patients are missing the suggested maneuvers.

15:00   Resources: Towards Optimized Practices (, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Health Information Management Practicum placements in May and June.

16:50   Health information skills and domains of practice.

19:50   Panel management will assist you to improve the patient flow in your clinic.

20:50   Practicum placement opportunities are available each year in May and June; contact Stephanie now!

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