Practice Management Nuggets Podcasts for Your Healthcare Practice

The perfect lunch break for busy practice managers – only 30 minutes and it’s free!

Practice Management Nuggets Podcast is a regular interview series with practice managers, healthcare providers, or trusted vendors who support healthcare practices. Topics include things you need to know to help you start, grow, fix, or maintain your healthcare practice. The events will be short – about 30 minutes – with nuggets of information that you can use right away.

We discuss practical practice management and privacy compliance tips to help you start, grow, and improve your healthcare practice in Canada. If you are a clinic manager, team lead, healthcare provider or practice owner, these practical tips will save you time and money.

And best of all – this is a free, no cost opportunity for you and your staff to hear from experts on a variety of topics how they made their clinics and businesses a success!

Practice Management Nuggets© series is hosted by Jean L. Eaton (Your Practice Management Mentor and Practical Privacy Coach) of Information Managers Ltd.

Practice Management Nuggets has been interviewing guests and sharing nuggets of information since 2014!


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