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5 Low-Cost Steps You Can Take Now To Prevent Employee Snooping in Healthcare and Prevent Privacy Breach Pain

Healthcare Employers, Privacy Officers Need To Prevent Employee Snooping

Human curiosity, interpersonal conflicts, shaming or bullying or financial gains are common motivators for snooping. We seem to be hard-wired to want to peek into someone else’s personal and private information. Snooping is a violation of trust between our patients and the healthcare providers and the people who work for them.

We want our patients to trust us. We need the patients to share their personal information with us so that we can provide the appropriate health services to them. When healthcare providers and employees snoop in our patient’s information we destroy that trust with the patient. When one of our team members is snooping, it harms the effectiveness of our teams and damages morale in the clinic.

When employees are snooping in personal health information, it costs the employer time and money.

What Is Snooping?

Looking at someone’s personal information without having an authorized purpose to access that information to do your job is known as ‘snooping’.

Even when you are “just looking” at personal information but don’t share that information with anyone else, this is still a privacy breach.

It is illegal.

Snooping incidents are on the rise and can cost you time, money, heartache, and headache in your practice.

When there is an offence under the privacy legislation like the Health Information Act, there may be an investigation, charges and court appearances, fines, penalties, and loss of employment.

Snooping is entirely preventable. You can easily use the 5 low-cost steps to prevent employee snooping in your healthcare practice.

How Can You Prevent Employee Snooping?

Let’s take a look at the pro-active steps that you can take today to prevent employee snooping.

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Show Notes

Recorded: October 20, 2020

00:00 5 Steps To Prevent Employee Snooping

01:01 What is Privacy? What is a Privacy Breach?

01:29 What Is Snooping?

03:08 Step 1. Be A Privacy Champion

03:25 Name A Privacy Officer – Accountability

04:41 Policies And Procedures

05:11 Build Privacy Into Everything You Do

05:20 Step 2. Train

08:13 Step 3. Reasonable Safeguards

09:34 Step 4. Monitor

10:21 Step 5. Consequences

10:48 Sanctions and Discipline Policy

11:08 Privacy Breach Reporting

11:17 Employee Snooping

13:05 Summary 5 Steps

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